Website Design and Development

No need to spend thousands of pounds for a professional website!

Here at Kent Tec we offer a professional looking website that it is easy to navigate at a much more reasonable price. To get your company on the web it will cost £200 and £10 monthly charge for the cost of domain, emails and maintenance of the website. For this we will:

Kent Tec, Website Development, Website Design

Not based in Kent? With website development we can help wherever you are in the world with efficient consultations regularly over the phone or via email.

Here are some websites we have designed:

Family Fostering - Fostering agency, Kent

Euro Clean - Cleaning company, Kent

Colour Flow - Painting services, Australia

Smart Charge - Unique device charging service, London

And of course our very own Kent Tec Website.

We also offer logo design at an additional cost of £50, which can go on your website and will be yours to use on flyers, promotions, merchandise and facias etc.

Kent Tec are up to date with the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that will push your website to the top of sites like Google, this is just another one of our services that we can offer